Artist Statement:

I still remember the first moment that I listened to a 1940’s-era recording of my great aunt and Chicana singing sensation, Eva Garza. As the strings and trumpets soared behind her gutsy alto voice, I was immediately moved to tears…and awestruck with the fact that she is a part of me and my family history. Ever since that first listen it has been a dream of mine to record my own brand of Mexican Ranchera music. I am finally ready to embark. The album will be a mixture of new and old; featuring songs in Spanish written by some of my favorite Mexican composers, as well as my original songs written in English and “Spanglish” that are inspired by the Mexican Ranchera songbook. I’ll be heading to the studio in Austin, TX June 6th with my new all-star band, The Sacred Hearts, along with legendary producer Lee Townsend. The band features internationally acclaimed composer/guitarist Bill Frisell (who will also help me with arranging), as well as Viktor Krauss on bass (long-time member of Lyle Lovett's Large Band), my duo partner in crime Luke Jacobs on pedal steel and guitars, Austin’s talented David Pulkingham on nylon string guitar, and dynamic drummer Brannen Temple. The album will be released in February of 2016, giving me a little time for maternity leave this fall when I’ll be welcoming the newest member of my Sacred Hearts Band into the world! 

This will be a record of a lifetime for me, and I would love to expand my band of “Sacred Hearts” to include YOU. Friends, amigos - I am asking for your help. By donating here, you will be supporting my commitment to bringing you inspired music for as long as I live. YOU are why I do what I do, and there is nothing in the world that gives me more happiness than sharing my music with you. Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm.



THe Sacred heart project is fully funded!


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