This project is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department.

This project is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department.

Next Laboratorio show is coming right up! Oct 16th at the Cactus Cafe. Our special featured guest David Marez, also known as “La Voz de Oro”, got his start as the lead singer of this very successful Tejano group from San Antonio, The Royal Jesters. He’s one of the greatest soul singers out of Texas, recently contributing to Adrian Quesada’s critically acclaimed release “Look at My Soul: The Latin Shade of Texas Soul.” You don’t wanna miss this one - Tickets are going fast!


Next Waltz Live Tour


I've been listening to Willis Alan Ramsey's masterpiece of an album since I was a kid. What a dream to be hitting the road with him along with the immensely talented Bruce Robison & John Fullbright as part of the inaugural Next Waltz LIVE TOUR. October 2 - 6th y'all. Check tour page for ticket links and details.

Sisters Folk Festival


Honored to be a part of such a diverse and stellar line up at the Sisters Folk Festival. Can't wait to see you Oregon! Sept 6th - 8th.

Carrie on BBC2 Documentary: Songs of the Border


Carrie got to chat with Reginald D Hunter & play a song or BBC Two's “Songs of the Border” earlier this month. The documentary also features interviews and performances by Lyle LovettCalexicoLos Texmaniacs y mucho más!!! Click here for a peek!

Rolling Stone's 40 Best country Albums of 2016! 


More great news for 'Lola!'

"Carrie Rodriguez is a Berklee-trained, Mexican-American fiddle player and singer whose fifth studio album was partially inspired by her great aunt, ranchera singer Eva Garza. Lola is Rodriguez's first bilingual record and includes a cover of the traditional Mexican song "Perfidia" next to breathtaking originals like "I Dreamed I Was Lola Beltrán," which imagines the life of another famous ranchera singer. But beneath the lovely melodies and effortless mutability on this crowd-funded, self-released album, there's also pointed critique: In "Z," Rodriguez sings about all the venues that have misspelled her name over the years. "Doors are gonna open if you want them to," she sings, "but you might have to knock 'em down." Her mission? "Tell country music where to put a 'z.'" 

NPR's Best 50 Records of 2016

Honored to have made NPR's end of the year "Best 50 Records of 2016!"

"This album came out in February and I kept waiting all year for something to come along that would possibly knock it down from my personal pedestal of Best Album of 2016. And nothing did. Here’s why: Carrie Rodriguez made a record that spoke to my own existence in a way that very few records have. After five albums with song-meister Chip Taylor and seven under her own name that explored the Americana side of her heritage (she gets her drawl from her mom’s people in west Texas), she took a deep breath and finally explored the Rodriguez side of her family history. She discovered an older relative that sang Mexican rancheras who inspired her to craft an entire album that perfectly meshes two cultures, two languages, two musical genres. Every track is a stand out but the title track, “I Dreamed I was Lola Beltran,” is such a profound statement of bicultural identity that I’m continually in awe of how she captured my life while writing about her own. With an all-star band that includes genre-busting guitarist Bill Frisell, Lola is a classic example of storytelling and a definitive statement of identity that stays with you long after that story ends."

-Felix Contreras

"Carrie Rodriguez has recorded the perfect bicultural album in Lola." 

"Carrie Rodriguez has recorded the perfect bicultural album in Lola. It is the album she was born to do, what with her mother's west Texas roots and her father's Mexican American background, but she arrived at this point by collecting her own identity along the way: first classical violin, then Americana fiddle and country vocal duets with Chip Taylor. The beauty of this album is in the details. "Llano Estacado" is an emotional examination of the effects of a broken immigration policy set to what she calls a "cowboy shuffle" that she delivers by she switching between Spanish and English accented by her beautiful west Texas drawl. I don't think I have ever heard anything express so powerfully the kind of bicultural existence so many of us live."

—Felix Contreras, NPR Music

Tiny Desk Concert

Introducing Lola

Hello Friends,

I'm so excited to introduce you to 'Lola,' my new bilingual studio album. Recorded here in Austin, TX with the Sacred Hearts Band, 'Lola' features my dear friend Bill Frisell on electric guitar as well as a special guest performance by Raul Malo. Check out the video below for an inside look at some of the inspiration behind the music. After Lola's February 19th release date, I'll be hitting the road both here and abroad to bring these songs to a city near you. Hope to see you soon!

xo, Carrie