"She creates beautiful music that is always slyly smart, which in turn makes it more beautiful."

- Ben Greenman / The New Yorker


"...I have to say I am very impressed. She's got something unique in her voice that's very subtle and a little smoky and sweet. She's got a refreshingly spunky attitude to go along with it."

- Lucinda Williams / New York Times

“…her voice - at full throttle on the album’s first single, ‘I Cry for Love’—is now her primary instrument.”

- Michael Hoinski / The New York Times


“Carrie is now a star in her own right & was accompanied by Luke Jacobs who moulded his harmony vocals to the contours of Rodriguez’s voice with an appealing chemistry. Both performers engaged the audience with their personalities as well as their music”.

- David Sinclair / The London Times


"...she emerges as a superb interpretive singer, not only milking melodies for all their pleasure but also revealing new implications in the lyrics."

- Geoffrey Himes / The Washington Post


"Rodriguez was, at once, the evening's most traditional and contemporary voice. ...[she] enunciated the title lyric with clean, sharp force – a power of love – that cut through the quiet of the room."

- David Fricke / Rolling Stone


"'Fiddle' and 'deadly' don't usually appear in the same sentence together – unless you're talking about Carrie Rodriguez. Austin-born and bred and ready to take on the world."

- Jason Claypool / Denver Post


"...fine singing and scintillating fiddle work.”


“Rodriguez at her freewheeling best, an inspired mix of passion and energy that captures the spirit of her feel-the-burn live shows.”

- Michael Bialas / The Huffington Post


"There's a real earthiness in both Carrie's singing and fiddle. She's hot and steamy one minute and pure Nashville the next."

- Colin Irwin / Mojo


"A tireless, gracious and versatile performer. ...Rodriguez turned into a full-blown, passionate chica on 'La Punalada Trapera,' eliciting whoops, hollers and whistles from an adoring audience."


"...a skilled purveyor of sophisticated twang."

- Michael Berick / LA Weekly


“A well-rounded triumph”